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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hanke, Bob and Hearn, Allison, "Introduction: Out of the ruins,the University to Come"(BLUE)Hurtado, Sylvia, "Linking Diversity with the educational and Civic Missions of Higher Education"(GREEN)Kezar, Adrianna, "Obtianing Integrity?Reviewing and Examining the Charter between Higher Education and Society(PURPLE)Williams, Jeffery, "Deconstructing Academe"(RED) The need for Critical University StudiesWilliamsHurtadoHankeHearn It studies how reality differs from what is taught Examines howinstitutions areset up to benefitcertain parts of society Teaching theconflicts in theUniversity Currently variouspublic opinionsand the costs oftuition on the rise Critique of capitalismin the university leads to lack ininterdepartmentalstudies Rise of the globaluniversity as inselling brand nameeducation education What is taughtdepends on market-HANKEand KEZAR corporate research integrity emphasis moreon the productionof workers thanwell-roundededucation corporate management style changes valuesof staff fromequity and fairness to efficiencyand cost large classsizes Facultyandstaff New hires arePart-timeor faculty faculty commitment and disenfranchisment humanitiesnot taughtin consequenceHANKE and KEZAR solutions utilitarian cost verses benefitsanalysesby policy makers loss ofdemocracyunderstandingHURTADO andKEZAR less informedgovernance lessdemocratic Languageof outputsand final Product studentdebt academicfreedom againstcorporations other consequences renewedpush forpubliceducation student movementsto end the corporate encroachment need to generatenew social relations andunderstandingsHurtada agrees need culturalstudies tochallenge the universityHurtada agrees to be equally representedin democracydifferencesmust berecognized necessary ina societywith racialand religeousdiversity teach diversity in central education brings marginalized groups to the center the humanitiesget peopleto look at otherperspectives
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