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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SymbolismAngels in America Angels San Francisco San Francisco represents heaven for two reasons. One is that thereis a theory that God left heavenon the day of the 1906 earthquake.He left the angels defenseless andin charge of a world they couldn't control.Another reason that San Francisco may be viewed as heaven is because gays flourishthere. This book is full of homosexual menwho are terrified of who they are. SanFrancisco is a place that they believe theywill be accepted. Prior describes SanFrancisco as, "a place of unspeakable beauty and acceptance." As you can imagine, this books speaks of angels.Angels represent a sort of mental crutch to every character.Everything comes from an angel. Even thesky is described as, "guardian angels, hands linked, [...] a shell of safety for life itself" (1.3.2). This includes dreams, diseases, and hopes throughout the book. An angellater appears and only forces characters to further idolize them. Angels help carrythe characters throughout the play. AIDS AIDS represents the rejectionof people to be themselves.Those who have AIDS in the book are in denial of either thedisease or their own personalchoices. Prior acquired AIDS in the beginning of the play andrefuses to accept his death.He believes that he is the prophet of God and will receive a longer life because of this.Roy is a closeted homosexualwho gets AIDS and simply refuses to acknowledge that he is sick.He convinces himself that he has liver cancer. He sees gay men asweak and refuses to let anyone know that he is one of them. He later dies from AIDS. Overall Effect Symbolism in this book helpsreaders understand the true struggles of living in a worldwhere you are not accepted, self-denial, and false sensesof hope that people create justcreate to look past their problems.The symbolism makes the already sensitive topic a coverup for deepermeanings.Overall, this play wouldn't have beensuccessful or interesting without theinteresting symbolism given throughoutthe plot. The symbolism truly made thebook so deep and close to the heart. By: Virginia Taylor
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