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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is competition? What is Symbiosis? What is a predator prey relationship? Symbiosis is the interaction between twodifferent organisms. There are threetypes of symbiosis. The first is mutualism, this means both organisms are benefited. anexample would be a bee anda flower. The bee collects nectar forfood, and in the process picks up pollen on its hairy body anddrops it off at other flowers.So the bee gets food and theflower reproduces. Commensilismis when one organism is benefitedand one is unaffected. Oneexample is a remora fish and a shark.the remora gets left over food fromthe sharks kill and the shark is completely unaffected. Parasitism iswhen one organism isharmed and one is benefited, Suchas a flea and a dog. The flea sucks thedogs blood which harms the dog but helpsthe flea. Competition is when two animals fight over a factorsuch as water, food, territory. when the resources are limited they must fight to survive. Such as two different prides fighting overwhos territory is whos. A predator prey population is the relationship between a predator and the prey, When the prey population goes up there is more food for the predators so the predator population goes up. Now that there are more things to kill the prey there population starts to go down. Now that there less food for the predators so there population starts to go down. Now there is nothing to kill the prey so there starts going up again.
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