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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Access to Education Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Capitation Grants often delayedBasic education not completely free in practice Nationals and Ghanaian nations are treated the same Basic Education Policies >Ministry of Education>Ghana Education Service >Council for Technical>Vocational Educational and Educational Training >Ghana Education Trust Fund >Student Loan Trust Fund >National Accre- ditation Board> Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations >Inergrated Com- munity Centre for Employable Skills >National Vocational Training Institute >Opportunities Indusstrialisation Centre right wing Second Cycle (Fatherland Party) Sustainable Livelihoods in Ghana Scholarships & Student Loan Schemes Education can play a major role in decreasing dependency and increasing self-reliance. How do Ghanaian policies, institutions and practices (PIP) affect persons of Interest? Institutions >Ghana Education Service Act 1995>Education Act 2008>Ghana Educational Trust Fund Act 2004> Student Loan Trust Fund Act 2011 >CTVET 2006.>National Accreditation >Board Act 2007>Ghana Trust Fund Act 2000 Student LoanFund = Not Accessible National Scholarship Fund = Not Acessible Available only to Ghanaian Nationals Access tosecondcycle + tertiary Fee paying Basic Tertiary Free + Compulsory Fee PayingLoan and Scholarhips available Basic Basic Fee PayingLoan and Scholarhips available Through Capitation Grants Practices Basic Education Second Cycle +Tertiary Education Nationals and non-nations enjoy equal access to educational institutions. Non-nations do not have equal access to entitlements
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