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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sustainable Communities: Air Pollution Air Pollution Air pollution is an issue in all large cities.Proof of this is that a surveyby the World Health Organization reveals that in 1,600 cities in 91 countries, nearly 90% of the air fails to meet levels deemed safe. Sources of Air Pollution The combustion of gasoline and other hydrocarbonfuels in automobiles, trucks, and jet airplanes produce several of the primary pollutants: nitrogenoxides,gaseous hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide,as well as large quantities of particulates. These are the leading causes of air pollution. Effects of Air Pollution on Health and Enviroment Effects of air pollution are acid rain,a form of precipitation that contains high levels of sulfuric or nitric acids, this can contaminate drinking water and vegetation, damage aquatic life, and erode buildings. Also a weather condition known as a temperature inversion that prevents dispersal of smog, when this happens inhabitants of the areaare warned to stay inside, especially children and elderly.There are debilitatingeffects of severe air pollution in cities around the world, such as the London smog of 1952that resulted in 4,000 deaths. Even everyday levels of air pollution may insidiously affect health and behavior. Solution to Air Pollution The most satisfactory long-term solution to air pollution maybe the elimination of fossil fuels and the replacementof the internal-combustion engine. To these ends, efforts havebegun in the United States, Japan, and Europe to develop alternativeenergy sources as well as different kinds of transportation engines,such as one powered by electricity.
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