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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Feeding Our Home Looking Towards the Future Senepol cattle used to be a significant meat source on St. Croix Current Problems Solutions -Lack of land for farming-Water scarcity-Infertile land-Dearth of younger farmers -Open up unused land for farming(ex. South Shore pastures, increased use of agriculutral land midisland) -Watercollecting through evaporation or wells-Crop rotation: use legumes-Promote farming at local schools, and give tax benefits Self Sustainability Only .1% is grown on St. Croix 99.9% of our food is imported from off island -Fertile crop land-Pasture land-Potential farm land Did you know:-There are 160 farms on St. Croix covering 5574 acres-106 of these farms grow produce-There are 77 acres of irrigated farms on STX Less than 50000 people on St. Croix One acre to feedone person per year 53043 acres on St. Croix That means that if 94% of our land is used for agriculture we could feed the whole island Ways to Irrigate Dry Land -Cisterns collectingrain water-Ground water-Air wells By using flat lands ideal for crops for crops and hillierareas for pasture, self-sustainability is a viable option Air wells collect humid air and condense it on cooling units withinto collect water. By installing air wells in the more arid regions ofthe island and powering them withsolar energy, a new source of water for irrigation could be had.
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