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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is changing name to cool with you? Volunteer Coordinators Meeting YUP NOPE Does it matter which day of week we meet? Docent Coordinators Meeting onlne survey results When is the best time to meet? (other times had less than one vote) MOST POPULAR 3 PM WHENEVER 11 AM TUESDAY THURSDAY WEDNESDAY MONDAY Meeting location? same locationevery month different locations other 2 4 6 comments I'd love to hear what other SIstaffers who work with volunteerswould pick as topics to discuss. It would be good to get a solidlist and then see who wants to facilitate particular topics. The unofficial name of the grouphas been "volunteer coordinators" for several years because we expanded beyond docent coordinators and included people from other (non-SI) museums. Thanks for a call in phone number and someone to take notes to be shared after the meeting for those living outside of DC and/or cannot make the meeting. I do understand there is an advantage to opening up to other volunteer organizations to share resources, etc. However, I think keeping it focused on Smithsonian volunteer organizers is greatso we can keep each other updated on policies and shared concerns.It has been a challenge just trying to get all the units together that I am not sure adding another layer of recruiting other organizers is going to bring a different outcome.
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