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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Summary of Recommendations Provision of support services for families affected by suicide or suicide attempts The National Framework should address co-ordinated reporting, classification and collection of data for effective planning, funding, delivery and evaluation of programs and services The appointment of an inter-agency taskforce to develop and champion a National Suicide Prevention Policy Framework; and ensure the continuation of Suicide Prevention initiatives in the Cook Islands CI Statistics should also be involved in this work, to design a system that requires reporting information and data from key government agencies Effective implementation of health & wellbeing policies and programs in schools for youth and suicide prevention Options to maintain the current 0800 Helpline service Provision of confidential and accessible face to face counselling services for youth Workforce development strategies such as scholarships for counselling The Minister's responsible for Health, Education, Police, Justice, Statistics CI, Office of the PM (Planning & Policy) & Internal Affairs provide governance across the national framework Provision of appropriate suicide prevention training for key agencies YOUTH SUICIDE PREVENTION COMMITTEE recommends to cabinet that it: Note the key findings resulting from initiatives and consultionsregarding suicide prevention. Agree that a medium to long-term interagency/civil societycommitment is required; to lead and coordinate a government response to suicide prevention initiatives that the Ministry of Health will lead and coordinate the Taskforce to develop a Natinal Framework; and ensure alignment with government priorities and fiscal constraintswith the support of the Planning & Policy Division of the Officeof the PM Agree that the national framework incorporates monitoring and reporting requirements to Cabinet. that the secretaries of Education, Health, Statistics, Police, Justice and Internal Affairs provide governance across the natinnal framework that officials report back to Cabinet on the policy frameworkby May 2015 to the PM making a public statement about the Governments commitments following Cabinets approval of the national policy framework Direct Summary ofRecommendations Agree Agree Agree Agree
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