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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Suicide Suicide is the third leadingcause of death in teens15 to 19 years old. Jensen Emerline, Elizabeth Howard, Hector Phan Suicide: The act of intentionaly taking ones own life How to help a friend: double click to change this header text! Untreated depression is thenumber one cause of suicide.Other causes include; Negative life experiences,abuse, death of a loved one, guilt ACT on it:A: Acknowledge this person had a problem and they need help.C: Care, show the person you care and you are there for them, try and get them to talk it out.T: Tell someone they have a problem, even if they don't want you to it could save their life in the end. Warning signs: Drug/ alcohol abuse, direct/ indirect statements of suicidal thoughts, dramatic changes in personality, violent actions,unusual behaviors,lack of interest in everyday life. Maggie's Story: was depressed through elementary, middle and high school. Maggie realized something was wrong and was willing to get out of her comfort zone to get help after having thoughts of suicide. She goes through a treatment center that helps her learn how to change and live differently. The white ribbon assignment from her therapist helps her find peace and hope. Her experience made her realize it was okay to reach out and ask for help. Suicide takes the lives of nearly40,000 Americans each year.
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