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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why Purzue? Quality. Simplicity. Quality How do you get an employer to notice you? Our "Smart Résumé" gives you the edge. We guide you in building a résumé that will have your quality and experience leap out to employers. Here are just a couple of ways we do this: Verifications Pre-verify your skills and experience, boosting credibility at the head of the hiring process Career Pathways Indicate your industry knowledge gained through academic preparation, helping employers assess your readiness Skills Summary Represent your skills in the areasof problem solving, collaboration, and teamwork helping employersassess your fit Simplicity Finding work really shouldn't be so much work. Our "Smart Résumé" makes it easy. Create from one of our templates, or import from LinkedIn. When you're done, print it, or share a link to your cloud-based résumé. And, we even match you to open jobs from all of the top sites out there. This "1-Stop" approach makes job-seeking simple with the following features: The Whole Picture Easily upload multimedia, transcripts, and other files that give employersa full view of your talent and fit. Like an eportfolio....that will get you hired Import in a Flash Import your Linkedin profile into your résumé and then send verification and recommendation requests to any of your connections -- all in 30 seconds Print & Share Print the résumé (it automaticallyembeds links to files), download it,or simply share it through multiple channels Jobs Find You Peer Review Need help? Not sure of your résumé? No problem. Use our "peer review" featureto invite your friends, colleagues, orcounselors to offer you advice We tap into job boards and companies looking specifically for early stage talent. We automatically match you to these jobs. Just click and apply. What could be easier? We save you time & get results. We are 100% free! Check us out. "Smart Résumés that work to get you hired" | | +1-732-602-1300 @ 2015 | Purzue and Purzue4Hire are registered trademarks Go to:
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