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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PROCEDURE YOUR CORD BLOOD COULD SAVE LIVES! PROS STEM CELL RESEARCH Biological cell WHY Why is umbilical cord blood storage beneficial? On what? Why donate? STEM CELLS What are they? within an adult mammal embryonic stem cells adult stem cells 0 10 20 30 40 Neurological Disorders Heart Disease Blood Disorders Cancer Sensory Organs Bone Disorders Muscular Disorders Diabetes Liver Reproductive Disorders Kidney -Cells from cord blood are less mature than cells from an adult's bone marrow, so a recipient's body is less likely to reject them.-Taking cord blood is also simple and painless. -It's much less involved than bone marrow donation. -If your family has a history of disorders which require stem cells for treatment, banking might be a wise option Annually in Singapore, about 40 - 60% of patients needing a stem cell transplant are unable to find a suitable stem cell match. This is because only one in four patients can find a match among siblings and most of the bone marrow and cord blood registries around the world are not from Asian populations like ours. Patients are more likely to find a good stem cell match amongst donors from their own ethnic group.Donation of cord blood to a public cord blood bank increasesthe cord blood units available to all potential stem cell transplant patients, increasing the chances of finding a match for the patient. Donation is even more urgent when we know ethnicity plays an important role in finding a stem cell match.Storing umbilical cord blood that matches the ethnicity of the population is critical in helping to save lives of needy patients. Pre-screening evaluation of eligibility Make sure that mother and child both fit criteria for donation. Informed consent Make sure the mother is aware of the details of donation before getting informed consent. Collection of maternal sample Collect blood samples from the mother to ensure that all cord blood units collected are free of all infectiousdiseases and safe for transplant. Collection of umbilical cord blood After the delivery and after the doctor has ensured the safety of mother andchild, the cord blood can then be taken. DONATE TODAY AND START SAVING LIVES! Natalie KohToh Si JiaJustina Wong
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