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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Stem Cell Therapy: IPS vs. SOMATIC learn more at our FREE seminar!! What ARE stem cells?How can they help us? -cells that don't yet have a specialized body function like a liver cell or skin cell-adults have pockets of stem cells throughout the body-can be used to treat diseases and burns so far The researchers here at Regenerative Opportunities, Inc.have been studying IPS therapy for the last five years and have found that it is much more effective than somatic stem cells! -there are four kinds of therapy: IPS, somatic, embryonic, and therapeutic cloning.-many of these options are controversial. COME LEARN HOW WE CAN HELP YOU! We need YOUR help to raise awareness and SAVE LIVES! Your options as a patient We believe that IPS is the future of regenerative medicine. Learn more at our about IPS Therapy -made in the lab specifically for a patient from its own stem cells-stem cells are taken from the patient and reprogrammed to helpthe patient in any way possible.-not expensive-patient is the most safe using IPS. created for Regenerative Opportunities,Incorporated by Janvi Subramanyan andAmy Tey. Saturday, 1/17/153:00-4:00p -taken from the limited adult stem cell pockets-mainly used for blood related diseases-limited options for treatment-difficult to isolate and grow-some kinds can cause tissue and brain damage-immune system will attack the foreign cells-cells must be donated from someone else about Somatic Stem Cell Therapy 1-800-508-90003221 Business StreetSan Jose, California FREE seminar!! Created for Regenerative Opportunities Inc. by Amy Tey and Janvi Subramanyan | period two
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