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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Spencer Cook1/15/15Period 3 The Cook Hospital's approach: A new cure to diseases What is a stem cell? An embryonic stem cell isa blank cell that is notdifferentiated. It is found in theinterior of a blastocyst, aball of about 50-200 cells thatare identical, created throughmitosis. Embryonic stem cells have no purpose yet, meaningthat they stay in your bodysitting there, doing nothing.Multipotent, which means theycan turn into every kind of cellexcept egg and sperm cells. How can these cure diseases? We can use these cells to cure diseasesin your body. Our scientists are tryingto coax these cells to go beyond theirability. We can create stem cells in thelab, then transplant it into a patient. Theseembryonic stem cells have opened a wholenew area to study. We believe that manydiseases will be treated with stem cells. What we think We believe that our scientists shouldcontinue to experiment with these stemcells. However, not everyone thinks likeus. Others believe that people shouldnot create a human life, then destroy itfor educational purposes. When thestem cell is taken out of the blastocyst,the blastocyst is destroyed. Some thinkthat life is holy and not something toplay around with. But we believethat it is worth it. These blastocystsformed do not have feelings or abrain, so there is no harm done. Theyare merely in the developmental stage.It is more important to save the lives ofpeople who have feelings than ablastocyst in the developmental stage. Do you know anyone with cancer? We are working to fix that.Unfortunately, some people are against ouridea, and they are not supporting this newmethod. But YOU can help us. YOU can supportthis project. YOU can help cure cancer. How can you help? There is a way you can help us. Bydonating to the Cook Hospital, youcan help support our foundation andgive us what we need. The bigger thedonation, the better. You can helpus cure cancer. You can fix the world.YOU can save the world. Go here for more information:
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