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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 State of Digital Blogging Your guide to writing on the most inspiring marketing learning site in Europe You are now part of a great team of marketers who are willing to share their knowledge with others. At State of Digital we take real pride in helping fellow marketers in any way we can, because we believe that it will make the industry better. And remember... Karma can be a bitch,but when treated nicely, she will be very nice as well Things to think about when writing for State of Digital This infographic gives you a quick overview of what it takes to write for State of Digital Before you start... realise... We are special! You are special! When you write great stuff it will reflect on you! We have a great team that is here to help! When you write... think about... How can you help the reader? Helping the reader to the next level should be your goal. The reader is there to learn from you. ! So What? Always think about the 'why'; why is what you are writing important to the reader? No reason to write unimportant stuff ;-) Now what? What should the readers' next move be? What is the next best click? Guide the reader to the next best click for them (and us ;-)) When finished writing... did you... Write a good Intro & Outro? An introduction 'captures' the reader and will make him read on. An outro defines how they walk away. Make them captivating and rememberable! Write a stunning header? People decide within less than 2 seconds if they will read or not read your article, based on your title.Make it stand out. Think about keywords, questions, statements and more. Add the right images? Images make people read on and remember your story. Add a featured image and imagery inside ofThe article. The image must tell a story on it's own. Think about rights as well!! Add the right links? Links are for the reader. To give them more information, either on State of Digital or on other sites.Remember to help the reader to think about the next best click. And don't throw links in therefor the wrong reasons... Think about SEO? Search engines are still the biggest source of traffic. Keep in mind the 'rules of SEO' when writing. Keywords, audience, links, images, you name it. Think about meta? The best optimised articles get the best exposure. This means meta data as well: tags, categories, descriptions. Help your editor make your article stand out by getting it all done! Your deadline! To give your post the best exposure we need to prepare it and share it. Your deadline makes that we have that time. Make it! Oh and don't forget to... If you want people to SEE your content, you need to SHARE your content. Share it wherever you can!And remember: what comes around, goes around. If you share other people's content, they will share yours Share! Finally THANK YOU, FOR BEING PART OF AN AMAZING TEAM
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