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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Life Cycle of a Star A nebula is kind of like fetus star. It is made out of star materials. Star materials include dust and gases Nebula After the Proto-star stage a normal star emerges. It is formed by all the gravitycollapsing on itself. This causes nuclear fusion and a star is born. The temperature in the middle of the star begins to increase and the star expands. This phaseis called a Red Giant. A red super giant is pretty much the same thing as a red giant.They are just bigger and brighter. The Next stage is a Super Nova.This happens when the helium runs out and the fusion stops near the core of the star. When a new helium layer reaches the core, it ignites and the outer layers of the star are blown off. the core keeps collapsing on itself, becoming a super nova. It then burns like crazy. main sequence Red Supergiant Super nova A black hole is created when a star's gravity succumbs the star. Black Hole A neutron star is made from a smaller supernova. It is the smallesttype of star knownin the universe.It also is made when a supernova collapsesin on itself. neutron star Red Giant White Dwarf Black Dwarf A white dwarf has no nuclear fusion.It is the extremely hot core of a star. A black dwarf is a completely cooled white dwarf. The temperature is the same as the microwavesin the background, so itis invisible. A proto star starts with a core of increased density in a molecular cloud. It is where the nuclear fusion begins. Proto-Star
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