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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 STARTERS Theme Setting Characters: By: Protagonist:Callie Antagonist: Lissa Price Objective Summary Prime destiantions, Beverly HillsWinterhills house Callie, Michael, old man Tinnenbaum, Lauren, Redmond Rhiannon,Tyler,Blake,Helena,Madison, Brionna, Lee,Raj Prime Destinations Callie has lost her family and Callie and her little brother Tyler and her friend Michael are Fighting off renegades.Callie's only hope is Prime Destiantions run by a mysterious figure as the old man. The plot helps support the theme because they rent bodies so nobody is who they appear to be .Beginning:Callie rents her body to Enders (Seniors who want to be young again.)Middle: Callie is afraid that prime will track her down.She tells Blake that she is renting out a body that its real an Ender and Blake feels really bad about this.Soon Callie realizes that Blake seems different she then realizes that he rented a body just like Callie End:Callie goes to Prime destinations and hates it badly but she soon gets out with the help of Blake. The theme of the book starters is:No one is who they appear to be. Plot Somebody rented a body from a ender and wanted to fall in love with blake but she had to go to prime so Blake gets he out The protagonist and antagonist help support the theme because the theme of the book is no on e is who they appear to be and callie and prime is not
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