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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 During the Olympics of 1996, Kerri Strung competed as a United States gymnast. After the teams competed their first three events, the US was in the lead over Russia. During the final event on vault however, the first three US gymnasts did not stick their landings. Kerri was the last to go and needed to perform a clean vault in order to win the gold medal for the United States. On her first attempt, Kerri failed to make a clean landing, received a major point deduction and injured her foot. She was then faced with the decision to take the second vault in attempt to win the gold medal for the US but possibly further injure her foot or withdraw. Kerri chose to take her second vault, stuck the landing, obtained the score necessary to secure the gold medal for the US and was then carried off the mat by her coaches. Stage 1- ALARM:Also known as the fight or flight theory, this is when our brain senses an emergency or dangerous situation and prepares our bodies for it. STAGES OF STRESS Stage 2- RESISTANCE:Hormones released during this stage can damage cells. It happens if stress continues for more than 2-4 weeks. Stage 3- EXHAUSTION:Signals are sent to your brain when stress is continued even more and it gives you a rush or energy in the stressful situation Physically Effects:Low energy, headaches, upset stomach, tense muscles, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, frequent infections, nervousness/ shaking, ears ringing, cold/ sweaty hand/ feet, clenched jaw, grinding teeth, dry mouth, etc. HYPOTHALAMUS:The part of the brain that controls the autonomic nervous system, and secretion of hormones inthe pituitary glands.
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