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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FOREIGN OFFICERS IF THERE WERE NO OFFICERS IN THE WAR THEN ALL OF THE SOLDIERS WOULD HAVE NO SCENCE OF ORDER OR THEY WOULD NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. IF THE FOREIGN OFFICERS HAD NOT CREATED GOOD SOLDIERS TO FIGHT THEN THERE ARMY WOULD HAVE NOT BEAT THE BRITISH Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834) Friedrich von Steuben (1730-1794) Friedrich Von Stueben was a captain in the Purssian army and later Chamberlin at the court of the Price of Hohenzollern- Hechingen In 1777, he met Benjamin Franklinin Paris to offer his services toContinenal army At valley Forge he trained American Troops in discipline,drill and battle readiness, especially with weapons and equipment, He establishedsanitation standards and prepared the first U.S. military manual This training helped Americans defeat British troops at Monmouth County, Von Steuben commanded the army supply center in Virginia in the rank ofMajor general and fought atYorktown. After the war, hebecame an American citizen anddied in 1794 in New York. He was a descended from one of France's wealthiest aristocratic families. He enlisted in the continental army without pay in 1777. He was wounded in 1777, he commanded the Virginia lightinfantry and formed a strong bondwith Washington and took part inthe final battle at Yorktown. He returned back to France. He died in Paris in 1834 Edward Hand (1744-1802) He was born to an Anglican family in Ireland. He trained in medicine and served in the British army in PennsylvaniaBetween 1767 and 1774. In 1775, he joined the Continental Army in the rank of lieutenantcolonel, then he was promoted to brigadier general and fought at Fort Pitt. He soon was appointed adjutant general in 1781. He worked with George Washington at Mount Vernon and Williamsburg planning for the Battle of York town where the British army surrendered. He resigned from the army in 1783with the rank of major general and returned to medical practice and civic life in Lancaster, where hedied in 1802. By: Erika Knieper
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