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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 O.S.U. Government O.S.U. Government Executive Branch Enforces the laws; Says, "ill get it done." -Governor-Lieutenant Governor-State Agencies, -Departments, Boards, and Commissions-State Board of Education-Attorney General-Auditor of State (All elected-Secretary of State for a 4-year -Treasurer of State term.) Governor John R. Kasich Legislative Branch Judicial Branch -Supreme Court-Courts of Appeals-Court of Common Pleas Consists of:Senate &House Representatives The Ohio Judicialcenter Court Room Justices LieutenantGovernorMary Taylor Types of people that thisbranch Consists of: Attorney GeneralMike Dewine Auditor of StateDave Yost Secretary of StateJohn Hughs Treasurer of StateJosh Mandel Types of Courts: Maureen O'Connor chief Justice Paul E. Pfeifer Terrence O'Donnell Judith Ann Lanzinger Sharon L. Kennedy Judith L. French William M. O'Neill The Ohio Supreme Court has the final say over interpretations of Ohio law and also the Ohio Constitution. The Ohio Constitution provides for courts of Appeals that have jurisdiction to review final appealable orders. The state divided into 12 appellate districts. The Court of Common Pleas decides probate, juvenile and domestic cases This is Timmy. Timmy had drugs in his locker at school and one day the principal just decided to look through all the locker in the school and found Timmy's drugs. Timmy has to go to court for what he did. The court found him GUILTY. So i guess that means that Timmy is going to jail right? WRONG Timmy can Appeal(apply to a higher court for a reversal of the decision of a lower court). The Court found Timmy yet again, GUILTY. So Timmy appeals again to the supreme court. The Court found Timmy NOT GUILTY. The Principal of Timmy's school did not have the right to go through his locker just because he felt like it. He had to have Reason of Suspicion to go through his locker. Types of people: The Ohio Senate is the upper house of the Ohio General Assembly, the Legislative body or the U.S.state of Ohio. The Ohio House of Representatives is the lower part of the General Assembly, the statelegislature of the U.S. state of Ohio.The Ohio GeneralAssembly consists of 99-member Ohio House of Representatives and the 33-member Ohio Senate. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY NOT GUILTY The Ohio General Assembly Constitutional Principles Federal State Local Federalism: We have Federalism so the Federal Government wont have to much power and rule over the state and local Government limited Government: police cannot search your phone with out a warrent or your approval The executive branch are the ones that make the BIG decisions. One decision that this branch might make is to rebuild a road or not. The Ohio General assembly has the power to pass new laws. NEW LAWS executive legislative judicial Runs the State. Checks and Balances: each of the three branches of Government can limit the powers of the other so no branch has too much power. The Government should CHECK it's self, Before it wrecks it's self. PEEL
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