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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monsoons and Plate Tectonics Monsoons Affecting Daily Life Wet monsoons can cause floods which can destroy farmers crops. A bright side to wet monsoons is that it will bring nourishment for crops. For dry monsoons they bring drought that won't bring nourrishment. That means the farmers can't grow crops to grow and sell.Brings limited amout of water to South Asia. Plate Tectonics Affecting Daily Life If there were to be an earthquake in South Asia it could distroy homes and other things. Also if there was a volcano in the area it could erupt and destroy many things like houses, crops. Monsoons Changing Physical Geography When a dry comes through in thewinter time the drought could kill trees and other plants and then therewill be not vegetation. When a Wet monsoon comes through South Asia the floods make rivers and lakes over flow and it will take a long time to get back to normal. Plate Tectonics Changing Physical Geography Over time Plate Tectonics move toward each other and when they colide they make mountains, rivers, and oceans. Thats how the Himalayan mountains because the two plate tectonics collided and the moved up to make the himalayan mountains. Differences As Plate tectonices take a very long time to move to where they are going Monsoons go where they go quick and get out with in hours. Monsoons are seasoned and come through fast while Plate tectonics move all the time but very slowly.
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