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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 March 2010 - SquareTwo Financialhires 1st Manager ofIT Security and Compliance Establish basic policiesand procedures. Light Bank and Regulatory Environment FEAR OF THE FUTURE August 2012:BRAP Reviewstarted June 2011: Implementation of additional security infrastrucure CYBORGS AND THE LOSS OF HUMANITY Bank "Audits" begin to get moreformal with telephone reviewof submitted RFI Anti-VirusDeployment SquareTwo FinancialDecember 09 January: 2011SquareTwo Financial hiresJT GaiettoManager, IT Security andCompliance January 2012: July 2012: Chief Compliance Officer role filled June 2012: IT Security Analyst role filled to aid with Firewalland Anti-Virus support 2014 - TODAY COUNTER-CULTUR E July 2011: IT Security begins bank RFI reviews CFPB Founded August 2013: InformationSecurity AdministratorhiredSeptember 2013: Vendor Risk Managementprogram started Bank auditsstart to comeonsite March 2013: PCI-DSS 2.0kick-off October 2010Manager of IT Security and compliance departs October 2012:CFPB coversSquareTwo Financial April 2013: Director ofInformation Security July 2013: PCI-DSS 2.0and SOC I Certified Feb 2013: BRAP 2.0 kick-off October 2013: Vendor RiskManager hired Bank audits continue to getmore in-depth. Bank Audits multiple days in length PCI-DSS 2.0 in Denver and Lisle Large number of enterprises compromised Continued focus on compliance, regulatory requirements and the protection of consumer information Mature defense in-depth security infrastrucure
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