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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north east south east west coast represented Misconceptions About Athletic Scholarships Athletes or Students? Athletes or Students? Steady Improvements Athletes or Students? Coaches D1 Men's Basketball Players spend 36.8 hours on their sport and 33.9 on academics The average college professor in 2011made $74,360 annuallyEvery D1 football coach in 2011 made at least $288,000 - 1 million boys play high school football - 19,000 college football scholarships exist- The average scholarship is $10,400 - When football and basketball are not accounted for it drops to $8,700 As of August 1, 2014 all D1 athletes will receiveunlimited meal plans and snacksStudent athletes have recentlybeen characterized as employees of their respectiveuniversities Should bad grades really impactwhether or not an athlete remains eligibleif they are at school strictly because they can not go proyet? D1 Baseball Players spend40 hours a week on their sportand 32 hours on academics Spoiled Sports Problems with Athletics in Higher Education north west International Comparisons By: Nick Gural, Hong Lee, Zack Levine, and Eran Nimtz United States 1. Sports integrated withscholastics from grade school on2. Athletes required topursue full time studentwork simultaneouslywith full time training 1. Youth are trained in their sport of choice withminor tutoring through a club from an early age, whilechildren pursuing non-sportsrelated careers attend regularacademic classes2. Sports geared towardsinternational communicationand cross cultural peace. Internationally Concerns 1. Top athletes are not fairly compensated2. Specialization does notexist3. The goal of sports in collegeis mainly geared towardsentertainment 1. Equal rules andopportunity across countries2. Youth going to Americafor sports, but not being properly compensatedfor their skill
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