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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 If spying did not happen what might the ending have been Intercep tedLette rs Mask Letters Ciphers Quill Letters What were the motives behind spying Invisible Ink The writing was within the lines of a letter and could be activated by heat British Generals Burgoyne created letters with false information that they hoped would fall into American hands. They hoped the Americans would be deceived by the information. Nirvana To protect letters spies would hide them in the quills of feathers and sewn into letters so the guards wouldn't see the information. The true contents of letters were also hidden through the use of mask letters. These documents were intended to be viewed by a recipient who would place a shaped template over the full letter. The true message of the letter would then appear within the boundaries of the mask. If spying did not occur America may not have won. Spying was a crucial point in the American Revolution and helped them know when the British were coming The motives behind spying were to find out informati onfor the other side. Doing so would help that side win the war. This secret writing was used by Americans and British *resources Spies in the Revolution 1775 My six facts Secret codes some letters were written in intricate secret codes where numbers and special characters replaced letters, a method most notably practiced by the Culper Spy Ring. Ciphers were used to ensure that the contents of a letter could not be understood if correspondence was captured. In ciphers, letters were used to represent and replace other letters to mask the true message of the missive. The letters recipient utilized a key to which referenced corresponding pages and letters from a well-known book, such as Entick's Dictionary to decode the documents true message. Some spy groups even created their own pocket guide to serve as a ciphers key
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