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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tactic s Lobbying: an attempt to influence a politician's decisions -- and filing lawsuits to advance their position. Grass-roots campaign :An interest group can influence policy by marshalling its constituents and appealing to the public for support. It may urge its members to write to their representative and senator or even call them on the eve of an important vote. The NRA is known for its effective use of this tactic Litigation: When Congress and the executive branch are unresponsive,interest groups can turn to the courts for remedy. The NAACP, for example, played a major role in the landmark civil rights cases of the 1950s and 1960s. Pro-life groups have filedsuit in state and federalcourts to limit abortions.Planned Parenthood,on the other hand,has sought injunctionsagainst demonstratorsblocking access toclinics where abortions are performed. Interestgroups may be a plaintiffin a lawsuit, provide theattorneys or underwritethe costs of the legalteam, or submit an amicuscuriae brief in support of one side or another. Interest Groups Political Parties A special interest group isa group that represents peoplewith specific needs.(ie. senior citizens,women, minorities, disabled). Interest groups support candidates who promote their point of view. An interest group's goal is to promote a position on a specific issue such as gun control or agriculture. Both engage in electioneering and raising money and awareness for issues and candidates to influence the outcome of an election. Interest groups do not position their representatives in the government. Political parties directly post their representatives in the government. Try to create and hold together broad coalitions Political parties exist to gainpower over governmental policy by winning elections for political office. They have official opinions on a wide variety of issues, but these are subject to change. Interest groups also rely heavily on large numbers of members to influence politicians and create change through voting. Regulations of Interest Groups Lobbyists are required to register with the clerk of the House and the secretary of the Senate and indicate what group they are representing, the amount of their salary or compensation, and what types of expenses are reimbursed to them. Lobbyists who represent foreign governments or corporations must register with the Justice Department as agents of those countries. The Ethics in Government Act of 1978, prevents senior executive branch officials from lobbying federal agencies on matters within their scope of responsibility for two years after they have left government service. They are further prohibited from lobbying anyone in their former department for one year on any issue, and forever on any issue they have been involved in. There are proposals to reduce the amount of money an individual PAC can contribute to a candidate or the total amount the candidate can accept from all PACs. Special Interests Groups
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