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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The first satellite to orbit earth was in 1957 the satellite was called sputnik the soviet union launched this the united states were worried they were being spied on The first human in space was in 1961 Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space The first american in space was in 1961 as well in 1961 the unitedstates put their first human in space on a 15 minute 28 second sub orbital flight on board the freedom 7 three weeks later presidentJhon F Kennendy vows to send the men to the moon and backbefore the end of the decade The first american to orbit earth was Jhon Glenn he circled around the earth three times in four hours and fifty six minutes The first space walk was in 1965 cosmonautAlexie Leonov takes the first space walk The first space death was in 1967during a test on a launch pad kills apollo 1 astronauts Virgil Grrissiom,Ed White, and Roger Chafee The first moon landing was in 1969 Niel Armstrong is the first man to walk the moon Buzz Aldrin is the second manto walk the moon The space rescue was in 1970 an oxygen tank explodes aboard the appollo 13 with help from the mission control group Jim Lovell,Fred Haise,and Jhon swiggert help return appollo 13 to earth safely The first space station was in 1971 the soviets launch the Salyut 1 wich is the first orbiting space staion The first american space station was in 1973 the first american space station sky lab is damaged during the launch double click to change this header text! The first mars landing was in 1976 Vikings 1 is a unmanned scientific probe controlled by scientist here on earth The first american in space was in 1983 Sally Ride is a of the crew for the seventh place shuttle flight The first african american in space was in 1983 the first african american in space was guion bluford The first civilaztion death was in 1986 the space shuttle challenger explodes killing all seven crew members including the first teacher inspace
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