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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Forever War Genre: Sci Fi Directed by: Keaton Shawhan Based on the book by Joe Haldeman Actors Ryan Reynolds as Lieutenant Mandella Jennifer Lawrenceas lieutenant Marygay George Clooneyas Sergeant Cortez Summary A military recruit is getting ready for a massiveinterstellar war that is supposedto happen againsttheir main enemy, theTaurans. His name is WilliamMandella and he is readyfor combat. On this journey offinding new species, meeting other recruits, and traveling through space, he meets a girl named MarygayPotter. Together they fight wars,save lives, and try to survive. Character description William Mandella Marygay Potter Just like Mandella, Marygay was a recruit for the war. She is a young woman (mostly becauseof time goes by faster is space) who shows courage, leadership, and cleverness. SergeantCortez Sergeant Cortez is Mandella and Marygay's older platoon leader. When he first saw them, he knew they had great potential. Cortez is a leader, he is wise,and he is determined. William Mandella is a young man whoshows bravery, strength, and perseverance.He is the main character and the narrator. A space journeyyou will NEVERforget! Quotes Theme: Facing Darkness Taurans ¨Suddenly, a seam appeared inthe building and widened to the size ofa large door. Taurans came swarmingout.¨ ¨Tonight weŕe going to showyou eight silent ways to kill a man¨said Sergeant Cortez.
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