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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to use the two 3 1 Use this table to record the assets (pics, text, movies,gifs, photos etc) Sources Table Assets Table 2 1 you used you chose not to use Use this table to record sourcesused to Assets Table You need to record activity number (1-3) asset type Primary or Secondary source If permission was requiredand sought DESCRIPTION of the asset EXPLANATION of why asset was or was not used Sources Tables Sources Tables activity number (1-3) the web address ORthe publication details DESCRIPTION of the information EXPLANATION of why information was or was not used You need to record 2 Scope of this information make decisions find things out wide range of sources(newspapers, websites, publications, emails) eg: to check festival name not already usedeg: to check seasonal weather eg: to find cost of artist hireeg: to look at good teaser videos eg: Act 1;; to find out hire cost; not used too expensive to hire eg: Act 1; Sheffield Star June 2013; ; to find sunset time; used to decide concert end time eg: Act 1; Survey of 20 teenagers; ; to find preferred genre; used to decide artists eg: guitar to as a basis for logoeg: animated gif for teaser videoeg: own photo of Cusworth Halleg: Original voice over for teaser video eg: Act 1; guitar. jpeg image of guitar,permission required, emailed but got noresponse, outline of guitar, used todo my own tracing in Illustrator eg: Act 1; voice over. mp3 sounds,no permission required - make it myself, not used to because sound distorted eg: Act 1; festival logo. .peg format,no permission required - make it myself, not used to because it was not see through start from scratch[clears the canvas] Sources Table Mr D Hewitt
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