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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chicago is located in nothern Illions at the south western tipof Lake Michigan. It sits on the St Lawerence sea way of thecontinental dived at the side of the Chicago portage an ancient trade route connecting the Missisippi River and the area of lakesand watersides. The Rise of the Megacities Geographic location Chicago's population growth in 2013 was 2.719 million.The citys population has fluctuated over time since the1900 steap increase which lead to a huge decline between1920 and 1960 over the next 30 years. There was a second in crease which was in 1990 to 2000 which was the only cityto have experenced a decline over the past 10 years.(-6.9% between 2000 and 2014) Population and demographics Chicago is the home of the Chicago Bulls famous for their retired player Michael Jordan and now Derrick Rose. Physical layout/ structure It was reported that last full that 22% of children in the U.S live at or below poverty level.Bullying isnot a problem for them as in Australia do.Some challenges Chicagoface is a heap of slums,a global report on humansettlements in 2003. Pressures and challenges Paris's population in 1999 was 2,125,247.At the end of the 20 century it was 11,131,412 Inhabits of which 2,147,274 the over all population of Parishas been in constant decline of population growth 0.45%. Death rates are 9.06% of deaths each year.Birth rated are 12.49% each year. More than 2.5 million people live in Paris. Parisians make up 19.4% of the population of France region. Population and Demogrophics The visualization so the successive boon in the physicalfoot prints of Paris since 1800 the term will realise their full research covering the history future and in predictions of urban expansion in 30 cities. Expansion of these show the quick expansion of the city centres and suburbs in the 19th century and 20th century the factor in creased by10. Physical layout/ structure Paris face a heap of people and families live in or below poverty level. Lots of homeless people living on the streets of Paris. The traffic is getting betterthat it was 4 years ago.There is also a lot of forges in the new millennium. Paris is the capital of France.Situated on the Seine River in the north of the country.Paris was the largest city in the western side of the world.The surface area of Paris takes up 105km2. Pressures and challenges Geographic Location The people who live in Paris do not like the Eiffel tower because they see as a symbol of war. The people of France said that they would their budget by an additional 3.6bn. The people of France said that they would their budget by an additional £3.6bn. Chicago's presents are different as they face in each direction. One of which is the cities most attractive features in its miles of well used parks and other public facilities along with the lakeshore.Other parts of the city can dismal. Sporadic industrial building many of them are abandoned, line the railroad routes and river branches that eradicates out from the centre. The industrial landscape of the city dominates the vista from the east. The western and northern approaches to Chicago presents a vast example of the tree lined residential neighbourhoods,leading to a dramatic skyline of towering offices, hotels and apartment buildings that are concentrateddowntown along the lakes. Interesting Statical's Interesting Statical's Megacities are createdusually in a metroplitan area with a total population in excess of 10 million people. . What influence exlends across the entire globe, people move from rual areas into cities often motivated by these factors that negatively affected the economy A megecity is a city/palce or town with more than 10 million people living there. Some disadvantages are quality of life can be lower than in smaller cities in terms of lessliving space, higher cost of living.
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