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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Asia is home to some of the worlds largest and fastest growing cities. In 1950 Jakarta was the only Indonesias city with a population in excess of one million and only 15% of Indonesias population lived in urban areas. About 68 per cent of Indonesias urban population live in cities on the island of java which has 20 cities with a population of 100 000 plus and seven cities with a population of over one million. By 2010 the Population will grow from 204 million to 238 million.ten of Indonesias citys had grown to 10 million. Jakarta is a very old city. The capital city is located on the North West coast of Jakarta. The government struggles to meet the demands of the residence, large numbers whom are escaping rural poverty and are looking for opportunities to improve their lives .Flooding is a frequent problem in Jakarta. Electricity and sanitation is hard to obtain. Mexico City is in the centre of Mexico. Due to the devastation of the smallpox epidemic in 1520 Mexico City only had a population of 30 000, Migration was more important than natural increase in fuelling the population growth in Mexico City. In 40 the population was 1.6 million, in 1950 the population was 3.1 million, in 19 60 the population was 5, 4 million,\ in 1980 the population in crest to 13.9, this has increase to 15.6 million in 1995. 80% of the population have indoor piped pluming, and residence cannot access the sewage. 50% of traffic congestion is producing about 80% of the air population. The rapid growth of Mexico City was the outcome of policies that greatly favoured the concentration of industrial production in Mexico City pollution is undoubtable the most serious problem in Mexico City. 2.6 million private automobiles in the city were estimated to be responsible for 50% of traffic congestion and produced about 80% of air pollution.( rise of the megacity!! A megacity is a very large city ,and is commonly defined as a metropolitan area with a total population in excess of 10 million people. They cume into existce through the growth of large cities and metropolitan areas has been so significant that some citys have become mega citys .it is prodicted that more and more people over the next 16 years will start to move to urban areas creating more megacitys. A Megacity has high-density housing with a lot of people and shopping centres. Global population trend is An increase in the number of people that reside.To determine whether there has been population growth. mexico jakata fictional first person accont hi i am Amy ,i am 15 years old. I am living in seraiponok I was born and raised here. My mother and farther are from here. Unfortunately we live with 5 other familys it gets very tight some times. I have told my mum so many times if we can leave this place but I get the same answer we cant because we do not have a lot of money I all was thought we could move to mollola where it is cleaner but No. i do talk to a lot of people when we are in traffic jams but that about the best thing in seraiponok that happens arond here because you meet new people and friends. mexico jakarta urbanisation gragh
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