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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New York New York is located near the esterncost of the USA Population In new york there is 20,080,00 people living in this city. Information on New York This megacity is eviramently freindly when your in the parks but not in the town or near the tall biuldings. Its almost like a mixture of good and bad, good is were new yorks parks are with plants and trees, bad is were big buildings and air polution is. A group of college students in New York are helping the economic side to New York by protecting parks plant animals and much more. the other things this group does is stop those who don't respect the economic side to New York Getting around in NewYork is tuff for those who have to pay and those who have to stay in traffic all day just to get to a meating. For others its probably ok. one problem is that the fearcal or others contaminate the air pollution in the city and mite just kill plants and its no good for peoples health ether. interesting facts 1; there are 20,000 bodies buried in washing ton spare park2: over $289,000 for a one year hot dog stand permit in central park3: the city will pay for a homeless persons ticket if they have a guarantee place to stay4: 7 super heroes were inspired by New York5: About 1 in every 38 people living in the USA resides in New York Jakarta Jakarta is located in the island of Java Population In Jakarta there is 28,000,000 people living in this city most of them are living in slum conditions. Information on Jakarta In the middle of Jakarta the government is trying to fix the amount of slums and trying to make them more suitable to stay in for those who live in slum conditions. This mite help with the traffic because they want to make the rods bigger then they are now. The water and air and food pollution in Jakarta is poor for those who live in those conditions people could get sick very easily. also they can get diseases that can spread in the city. the water and some food are not suitable to eat or drink at all because of the rubbish in the strems. interesting facts traffic is terrible for those people who have to walk miles to get to were there going or have to pay every day to get to shops work school friends or family. its even hard to buy plane tickets to go some where and people in there cars tack a hole day in traffic just to get somewhere. 1: it became a megacity by attracting people.2: Also people in rural areas feel a need to leave3: Jakarta has a small space for people to live in4: the poor people find slums easier to live in.5: some people of Jakarta have stories about them living over ther
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