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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Death rates,crude The amount of deaths that occur out of 1000 through out the year, this excludes infant morality rate and the absence of migration.India: 8/1000 (2012)Australia: 7/1000 (2012) Immunization,measles(% of children ages 12-23months)Children from 12-23months who have received the immunization,are able to fight against measles from receiving a dose of the vaccine India-74% (2013)Australia-94% (2013) Female and male ratio Gender balance of people, from ages 15 and up, have the same opportunities meeting potential standard. In any economic activity; producing goods and services.India: 1:08 ( males to females) (2014)Australia: 1.01 ( males to females) (2014) Access to clean water,safe water Sources of water which are able to be accessed to water easily without the contamination of waste.India: 36%Australia: 100% GDP (Gross Domestic Product) A sum of all the output produced within a country,economic activity. Higher the GDP richer the country,PPP ( adjusted cost of living differences in the country, more $ spent = more good services being imported and exported. India: $1.67 trillion(2013) Australia: $1.488 trillion(2013) GDP per capita the amount of GDP within a country, an average how much an individual earns a year.India: $4000 (2013) ranked 169thAustralia: $43000 (2014) ranked 21st India VS Australia tap and hold to change this header text! Energy consumption The amount of energy used with a countries household.India: 540,938.6 (2005-2009)Australia: 314,692.2 (2012) Military expenditureincludes current and capital expenditures on armed forces: peacekeeping,defence ministries and other government agencies . India:2.43% of GDP (2012) ranked 31stAustralia: 1.71% of GDP (2012) ranked 51st Infant morality rate From new borns to the age of 5, usually children die per 1000 everyday.India: 43.19/1000 ranked 50th 41.9/1000 (males) 44 63/1000 (females)Australia: 4.43/1000 ranked 190th 4.74 deaths/1,000 (males) 4.1 deaths/1,000 (females) Health expenditure The amount of health services covering families or Individuals within or over seas with private or public health care funds.India: 3.9%(2011) ranked 146thAustralia: 9%(2011) ranked 46th
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