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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Evolution of Music 1877 - Today 1940's TITLES 1887 1895 1958 LP Player 1877 1965 Gramophone Next Big Thing? 1998 MP3 1984 1978 Walkman Radio 8 Track 1964 An overview on how we listen to music and our increasing pursuit of convenience. High Resolution First device to record human voice Ceramic disks instead of wax cylinders First voice over radio in 1920 CD Player Cassette Player Phonograph Known as vinyl Popular in cars of the time $$$ Cassettes were invented around 1935, but were too expensivefor the mass market at that point Used smallcartridgesmore reliable than 8-tracks Not the next big thing, less convenient, costsmore, requires more memory space, and new devices to run with no audible improvment Evolution of Music An overview on how we listen to music and our increasing pursuit of convenience. We have already achievedwhat can be considered "perfectaudio" by the standards of the human ear. High resolution is higher quality inpurely a technical sense A single phonograph cylinder held 2 minutes of music, while an iPod has the potential for 160,000 First digital format, allowed more music to be held in a given space The first solid statememory player held only 32minutes of music Compact disks were more reliable,higher quality, and held more music than anything before Portable cassetteplayer. Invented in Japan, and completelyblew up Music players have progressively gottensmaller and more portible over the years,moving from table tops to cars to belts topockets. Vinyl record sales increased over17% in 2012 1877 - Today Drew Sanders Sources:
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