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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Welcome to China! Here in China, we are completelyup to date on all modern day inventions.Check out our great achievements createdby the wonderful Tang Dynasty and SongDynasty! Under the Song Dynasty, peopleimproved the compass in 1119. We'vereduced the needle in size andattached it to a stem rather thanhaving it float in water. Now sailorscan easily find their way while sailing around. Using the compass, people have been getting much farther off the shore and exploring the world! Printing books has beenmade much easier inthe A.D. 1000s by theSong Dynasty. Pi Shengcreated a way to massproduce books withseparate wooden piecesfor each character called themovable type. Now, we can reuse these blocksover and over to make sentences easily! The Song Dynasty has createdgunpowder. With this explosive, peoplehave been able to create many weaponsto change the way we fight in wars. The Tang Dynasty has takenpoetry to a whole new level.Li Bo and Du Fu have mademany great pieces of work forus to read, and have startedthe Great Age Of Poetry inChina. The Tang Dynasty found out thatusing coal to heat a furnace, youcan turn iron to steel with the fumes!Steel is a much stronger building material that can be used to makestable structures. The Tang Dynasty tradeda lot of silk fabric and gavebirth to the Silk Road, amass trading route thatcan give us preciousminerals for silk.
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