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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Some remarks of people we heard... "Governments had always hided us things, that's so..." 66,3% 27,4% "We don't care if the governments hide us things about chemtrails....If they do, they have god reasons..." Zoom on... We held on some remarks about this poll... The majority of people that knew what chemtrails were, were almost only poeple between 45 and 60. The poeple which knew what chemtrails where learnt it by magazines about ecology or health, other about social networks, but nobody learnt was chemtrails were by big and famous media (Television new or big newspaper, which rarely mentionned the "chemtrails".However, lots of peple knew about artificial meterologist changements provoked by Geoengineering as artificial snow in Hawaii or artificial rain in China... "We have other proriorities nowadays ! I even don't know where I'm going to sleep tonight !" "Stop with this conspiracy-theory, we don't know if it will have conséquences about our future..." "Chemtrails don't exist, the trails are dued to the condentation." 80% didn't knew it 20%knew it I Do you know what chemtrails are? What does the public opinion know about chemtrails? When you search the word chemtrails on Google, you will find more than 6 millions results. However, when you ask people in the street if they know what chemtrails are, it seems that these Google-pages was not read or even look by the main part of people On the 22nd November 2014 between 3pm and 5pm, we asked an hundred of people what they knew about chemtrails and what their opinion about that was. We investigated for you, lets see what we heard. 35% thought that "chemtrails" were invented about 60% of people were chocked aboutthe chemtrails theory 45% thought the theory was founded 20% had no idea if chemtrails really exist
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