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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Equivalent to downtime over a year! should load in . d'image 30% de JS 62% 2% HTML 5% CSS 65% images 23% 5% CSS 5% HTML WEIGHT WEBSITES ANALYSIS NUMBER OF REQUESTS requests on average Server response time AVERAGE LOADING TIME 981 ms 2113 ms DOM Interactive 8 780 ms Users won't be able to interact with the page before this time (which corresponds to the build time of the HTML page) availability 13,14h an averageSpeed Index of 7745 based on page interactivity 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 Leroy Merlin Darty LaRedoute PriceMinister Amazon Cdiscount RueDuCommerce 5 Fnac Sales 2015: webperf of French RANKING 4 WEBPERF TECHNIQUES that these ecommerce websites should apply Lazyloading 2 1 Image optimization Spriting 3 4 Lazyloading helps to download images onlywhen they are needed (ie: visible to the user) Cache policy Compression, resizing, format ...Many good practices optimize images losslessly. It is possible to save multiple requestsby grouping several images into a single file. Some resources can be saved on user's browser to speed up their navigation.This policy is too often missing or incomplete. 2% other 1% other 99,85% images JS 62% JS 30% Ko on average 1 677 Tests conducted between December 31, 2014 and January 14, 2015 among the top 8 most visited ecommerce websites in France (source: Fevad) and having a sale period Test your website : Speed-up your website : The representof French annual ecommerce . between 15 and 30% winter sales revenue WHY IS WEBPERF SO IMPORTANT ? 88% of users leave a websitewhen they encounter a loading problemduring their transaction. (and they are potentially going to a competitor) 49% less than 3 seconds 57% 185 +24% conversion rate of French Internet users wouldn't revisit a website considered too slow. of Internet users believe that a website up to onby speeding up a website. +4.2% -0.7% This ranking was made according to DOM Interactive.The left column shows the evolution relative to their DOM Interactivebetween the week before the sales and the first week of sales. -2.6% +13.6% +8.5% +5.5% -3.7% -4.6% ecommerce websites
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