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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Can Solar energy power the world with renewable and clean energy? Areas are calculated based on an assumption of 20% operating efficiency of solar panels and a 2000 hour per year of sunlight with 1000 watts per square meter hitting the earth The large square in the Saharan Desert could power all of Europe and North Africa. Though very large, it is 18 times less than the total area of that desert. 1980207,368 Square Kilometers 2030496,805 Square Kilometers 2008366,375 Square Kilometers this shows the area that would be needed in the year2030 shown as one large square in the key and also as spread around the world changed baised on use and available sunlight in the area These 19 areas spread out on the map show about what would be a reasonable amount of power to generate for difrent parts of the world based on 2009 usage. They would be divided many times, the more the better to reach the a diversified infrastructure that localizes use as much as possible. Another Cleaner and Greener Way By Cody Small The definition of power covers the fuel required to run all electrical use, all machinery, and all forms of transportation. It is based on the US Department of energy statistics of worldwide btu consumption and estimates the 2030 usage (678 quadrillion Btu) to be 44% greater than that of 2008.,,,,,, Don't use gas! Use clean energy!
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