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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dig Into Some Sojo! 77.7%-White17.1%-Latino and Hispanic13.2%-African American4.4%-Asian US Demographic Are you sojo? Well being sojo just means supporting social justice issues! Now what are some social justiceissues? There are plenty in America that we can talk about. Black drivers are 31% more likely to get pulledover than white drivers and 23% more likely to get pulled over than Hispanic drivers. We call that Race and Ethnicity Issue The Issues -Racism-Sexism-Ageism-Heterosexism-Socioeconomic Status REMEMBER Recognize the discrimination.Help people who don't have the same rights as you. Treating people different because of theway they look, what they are, what they believe in is only toxic to society. SPEAK OUT!!! Only you can change the future of society so make it one with equality for all RACIAL PROFILING A Subordinate Group Is Oppressed By A Dominant Group Of People This is what leads to most of these social justice isssues . If you are too young or too old you have probably been discriminated against Dont trust a senior to run errands?How about not taking a young person serioulsy? This is AGEISM buddy. You assume the senior cant do simple tasks anymore and that the young person is not as capable as an older person Familiar Fun Facts For Folk -Right after college a woman makes 82% of what a man makes-More than 50% of Americans think gay marriage should be allowed-Once convicted people of color receive longer sentences than whitepeople for committing the same crime-The average earnings for the top 20 percent of American income earners rose 2.2 percent in 1996, while average income of families in the bottom 20 percent fell by 1.8 percent.
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