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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Before 1957 History of internet 1957-2009 computers work on a single task "batch processing", developers could not work with computers directlyhad to call experts to establish the connection. 1957 any change in 1957, a remote connection was installed so developers could work directly with computers, emerging the first concept in computer time-sharing, which is the processing capacity of a computer with multiple users. the October 4, 1957, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union launched the first unmanned satellite, Sputnik so if there arose the fear of a "missile gap", in order to ensure American leadership in technology. gency usa founded the research of advanced defense projects (DARPA) in February 1958.DARPA is a computer network with such major accelerate knowledge transferand avoid duplication of existing research. another network, in 1966,ARPANET, defense advanced research project agency is also developed.In others, RAND, military red, NPL, national physical laboratory, CYCLADES, allows for communication with other networks 1958-1966 scientific, military, and commercial approaches of these concepts are the foundations of our modern internet. years later came the tcp,which is what characterizes the verification file transfer. as the NPL was designed for commercial purposes, a gren users and data transfer is expected to congestion and avoid the lines, sent files were divided into smaller packets so that the recipient meets born Packet Switching. a decentralized architecture was developed and this will continue operating in the event of loss of a node, for communication was by radio waves which would have caused problems in the event of a nuclear attack. TCP, IP protocol assimilated, a standard that ensures compatibility between networks and finally the next, creating the internet 2009 Now we can discuss issues that call our attention, send e-mails to our banks are virtual.
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