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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Background Info Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson, the Americans general, hated the British. He had been harassingthe British along the Gulf Of Mexico.Jackson ordered every wepon and man that was available to come and fight.Over 4,500 people came and fought against the British. The war started on the 23 of December.General Jackson decided to attack the British at night time. On January8th, the British began to advance toward the American line. The general was then shot and the British army went infrantic mode. After two failed attempts, the British retreated and the Americans had won and remanded in control of thetrade routes amount the Missippi. War double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Battle Of New Orleans After the war of 1812, GreatBritain and America signed the Treaty of Ghent. In 1814 the Britishtried to take over New Orleans inhopes of gaining control of the Mississippi River and the trade routes. Deaths Results of the Battle Because of the efforts of Andrew Jackson, andmany others, New Orleans had a sudden sense of National Pride. Jackson was named the"national savor" by newspapers in Washington, D.C. This battle was a big confidence booster for the entire nation, especially the military. During the battle, Great Britainlost 2,000 troops while the Americans only lost 100 troops.This happened in a span of 30 minutes
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