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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HOW DID THE WESTERN WORLD GROW OUT OF THE RENAISSANCE! how to fight human trafficking How ideas spreed! Renaissance ideas started in Italy and began to spreed western and northern Europe towards the end of the 15th century. How society became more Urban !!Towards the end of the Renaissance, small political units joined together to form larger states or countries. Some reasons are that societies became more urban. EXPANDED TERRITORIES!!Greek, Roman, Islamic and other historical empires expanded their territories to protect their origins home areas,but also to exert control over more and more land and its resources. this was connected to Renaissance because it influenced the City state way of life . PLACES THAT BECAME MORE POWERFUL!As Portugal, France, Spain and England became more powerful united countries. many factors set them up to become the leading players in the Age of Exploration or example each had an Atlantic coastline. European Worldview!Although the European Worldviews led them consider their way of life to be superior to other cultures. They were impressed with North American indigenous peoples ways of life such as their personal liberty, their ideas about leadership and consensus government as well as their lack of emphasis on individual property ownership. Copyright Delicate Fortress Creations Colonization in Europe!!European discovery and colonization of lands around the world has tradition all been recorded from the European perspective. Areas in Africa Asia and North and South America were called new lands even though people had been living there for years. How city states gained power!By the Renaissance, Europeans traded with people beyond their borders for thousands of years. City States gained power in Italy and they worked to expand their control of the Mediterranean, and because of religion and language.
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