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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ease of communication Supporter Social Networking Social networking sites make it easier for individuals to keep in touch with friends,family Explain I came to america and i miss my mother and father. The social media ease of communicationit help me easy to talk with my parents. I was pleased to use the social media.I have a lot of classmate in primary school before.They are all my friends. But when i graduated and came to america . Our relationship will break. But I have social networking. It help me sustain our friendship Forum of expression Social networking provide a novel forum for individuals to express themselves And extremely effective communication tools to spread ideas Explain If you have some ideas to express and you don't have friends. You can use social networking to express and share your ideas.It's very excited that all the people see and evaluate your ideas. Frequency of contact It can replace telephone Explain This social networking easy to touch your friends, express yourself.These things can down load on the on the phone now. it's such an easy things to use Opponents Discourages face to face Social media are fundamentally changing human nature bydiscouraging people from engaging in face to face conversation Explain Even though the social networking is convenient and useful, it still have disadvantage. We get used to using phone and we forget face to face conservations. it's terrible Discourages relationship Heavy users of social networking sites will become less adept at forming healthy relationshipLeading to loneliness Explain
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