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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1980 The average teenager has a cellphone, laptop, or computer of somesorts that allows for them to accessthe internet. Most house holds have a TV as well. 1. 2. 2 The youth of the80's were based their fashion on Madonna and their actions on Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller 1 The average teenager had access to a home telephone but some who were more lucky than others hada personal land line. Most families had TV's at this time. Globalization;The Shaping of a Genertation Technology 2015 Identity The youth of today seek their insiration from YouTubers, to athletes to Kardashians. Now more then ever we have many resources to pull inspiration from. Teens in the 80's compared to teens today. The average movie ticket today can cost up to The average movie ticket in the 80's was about Globalization has developed over the past 30 years inthe fact that something as simple as movie prices are going up.The demand to see movies has evolved into a world wide phenomena as we can now spread the production of a film into almost every country of the world. Media coverage of breaking news or even thenext hit movie allow teens of our generation to get the inside scoop and backstage coverage thanks to socialnetworking. $2.50 $20.00 How We Are Influenced Today Social Media News Castings Advertising Culture Contact a) Our world has become even more connected as a whole from the 80's dial up systems. We are now able to make contact with all cultures of the world as we can easily learn about them. b) As the years passed on from the80's, immigration rates have grown.We are now a highly multicultural nation. Have WeBecome Blended? YESWe are now becoming ahomogenizedsociety. We are bombarded with the same tactics of advertising and stuck in a societywhere we are alltaught to do the same things and carry out thesame life plan. Globalizationhas led to the same life goalsfor all people around the world. NOGlobalization hasopened up all ofour eyes to a variety of thingsto learn and waysof life to live out. We now have more selection than anygeneration before uswe have the world at our fingertips we just have to useit. We are now ableto access whatever information we needto build our characterand any materialisticgoods to go along with that character. We areexposed to more cultures and people which helpseach one of us buildour character.
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