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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ME Trade Transportation Media Communication Tech Communication Technology impacts a lot of my life. It helps me figure out how to get places, talk to my family and friends and pretty much everything else I do. to contact people I use my cell phone, my land line, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. all these things let me contact the people I wouldn't see on a regular basis. Communication also helps with the socialaspect of my life. Media has a huge impact on my life. Through the news, TV shows, music, news papers and movies. The news and news paper help me keep in touch with what's happening in the world. Through the news I can learn about how countries are doing that suffer from a digital divide. Some bad things about the news is that sometimes companies own many different news stations so I only get one opinion on thesituation, this is call media concentration Transportation helps me a lot in life. It helps me get from place to place very easily in my day to day life. weather its by bike, car, bus, scooter or longboarding. The same way transportation helped Christopher Columbus get to The Americas, it helps immigrants get to Canada. Historical trade has a big effect on my life. The Grand Exchange brought me a lot of things such as bacon, my second favourite food. It also brought new species good and bad to Canada, like the pheasant and the dandelion.
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