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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 21 terrific Ronaldinho facts Ronaldinho was born in Alegre,Brazil When Ronaldinho was born he was surrounded by soccer players from his family When Ronaldinho was 7 he started to play soccer from a youth club At age 17 he was drafted to the under 17 world cup for Brazil For his first team he left Brazilto go to Paris Saint Germain In 2003 He left Saint Germain for his dream team Barcelona In 2004 and 05 Ronaldinho wonthe FIFA world cup player award 2008 left Barcelona for A.C Milan but he was happy anyways If it wasnt for soccer music would be his passion and his favorite As a child he would practicesoccer by dribbling a soccer ballaround his house When he first began playing professionallyhe was refereed to "the last of the romatics" Playing 97 matches for Brazil he scored33 goals in all Ronaldinho has his own type of soccer cleats the 10R's Has scored 189 goals for FC Bracelona afterthe whole time he played His real father died whrn Ronaldinho was only seven years old. Playing in a professional match he scoredan goal but burst into tears because of hisstepfathers death that occurred a few days before Ronaldinho has won the MVP award 3 times in his career Now plays for a Hispanic club inQueretero for now. When ronaldinho played he neverhad a serious injury to be out more than two games Ronaldinhos salary per year is 9.7 million Ronaldinho has a super large house located in Mexico
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