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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Snow Leopard (Uncia, uncia) Snow Leopards are one of the many endangered species that need help. Physical appearance Habitat and Range Diet and Role - They eat ibex, sheep, musk deer, boar, hare, rabbit, pika, marmot, ptarmigan, and pheasant.- Diurnal, feeding in the early morning and late afternoon.- If the Snow leopard disappeared, there would bemore goats, sheep, dogsand chickens.- Predator.- Third level consumer in food chain. Snow Leopards are dying every day and only YOU can help them! Behavior and Reproduction - There are only 4,500to 7,500 Snow Leopardsleft in the world.- One of the reasonsthat Snow Leopards are endangered is because of hunting. Many peopleare hunting Snow Leopards for their fur.- There are many organizations helping to save Snow Leopards. - About 24 inches tall and 3 to 4.75 feet long.- The color of their skin is white, tan and black.- Lots of hair so they cansurvive in cold areas.- Weigh about 121 pounds.- Extra large paws to help keepthem from sinking into the snow.- No difference between males females.- Mammal carnivore. - Have about 2-5 offsprings a year.- They are pregnant forabout 93-110 days.- A baby Snow leopard is called a cub.- Parents take careof cub for about18-22 months.- Mate for life.- Known to live forabout 22 years.- Live in groups but are solitary predators. -Snow leopards live in high snowy areas in Central Asia. (China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan).- Prefer broken terrain of cliffs, rocky outcrops,and ravines.This type of habitat provides goodcover and clear viewsto help them find andsneak up on a prey. Why is this animal endangered? What is being done?
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