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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By Howard E. Wasdin,Stephen Templin double click on textto edit or change TEXT I Am A SEAL Team Six Warrior Fact 1.) A man in his convey was hit by a AK-47 in the leg, but his knife deflected the bullet instead of piercing his skin. Summary:"I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior" was written about a man named Dr. Howard Wasdin. In this book You never knew what could happen like the time he had to shoot a man from 800 yards away before the terrorist blew up a U.S.A helicopter. This novel taught you discipline even while reading the novel. Also it shows how hard these group of men work to protect the citizen's of United States of America. Fact 2.)During the Battle of Mogadishuthe U.S.A had three 5-ton trucks,5 Humvees, 19 Aircraft, 12 Vehicles, and 160 Men. Fact 3.)His first deployment as a Seal Team Twowas in Scotland where he had to train even more to become a Seal Team Six Warrior. Powerful quote:" They're going to have to kill me. After everything I've been through, they're going to have to cut me up in little pieces and mail me back to Wayne County, Georgia, because I'm not quitting now."-Dr. Howard E. Wasdin "Hell Week"Sprayed by hosesHardest week of your life "Seal Team Two"Specialized in Sea, Air and Warfare combats. "First Kill"Head shot800 yards away Aimed for his heart "Battle of Mogadishu"Seal Team Six was surround by hundreds of snipersRPG took out U.S. Black hawk "Regrouping in the U.S"He didn't have the heart to tell his mom home he was homeRealized God spared his life to help others more and more
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