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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IS SMARTPHONE ADDICTS HARMFUL TO US? WHAT IS SMARTPHONE ADDICTS? It is a new term that people, who always bow their head, use smartphone every time and everywhere. ( 2 CHARACTERISTICS ) Also, people seldom communicate with the others face-to-face. eye discomfot shoulder pain wrist and fingers discomfort. 50% 70% 65% 46% 70% Adults 30% Children have been one of the SMARTPHONE ADDICTSand are suffering from the discomfort caused by using smartphone for a long period of time. neck pain Always drain away your brainpower and feel tired easily. Distract your attention from the other works. Example: always replying messages Lack of the interactions with the others in real life. Phenomenon Often in MTR and bus It is ubiquitous that most people are using the smart-phone ranging fromtexting like Whatsapp to playing games during the travelling time. For your health, for your future, let make a change. (Source: a research conducted by an organization(not mention its name) and is reported by the Oriental Daily in 15/5/2012 (Source: a research conducted by the department of rehabilitation sciences of the polytechnic university in 2013 and is reported by the takungpao in 2/9/2013 (source: an article reported by the Headline Daily in 11/4/2013 (Source: an article published by the Taipei City Employment Services Office titled The Crises That Smartphones Created (Source: a article about the Smartphone Addicts in the wikipedia FOR MENTAL ASPECT FOR PHYSCIAL ASPECT
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