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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Water Transportation Energy Use double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Public education will be provided. Smaller class sizes so that individuals will be able to communicate with the educator more frequently meaning more one on one time with the teacher. Less tests will be given so that students can focus more on learning rather than studying. Also there will be more education given to the general public about the society and how to make it better and more efficient. More classes about the real world and important adult business like paying bills and taxes and other things. Bigger grocery stores will be set up in the middle of the city. Smaller grocery stores will also be set up on the outside of the city so those smaller cities can also have some basic stores without having to travel too far. Food There will be a huge train/subway station in the middle of our city so that people on the outer portion of the city have a way to get basic needs. There could also be a couple of smaller train stations on the outer portion of the city. There will also be walking paths and bike lanes to stores that are in walking distance. Since not everybody is going to be able to make it to the train station, we could have a couple of freeways and major highways that lead into the inner city. Water treatment centers will be set up near all availablenatural water sources. This treated water will then pumpinto a large water tower thathas pipelines all throughout thecity, pumping water into everyhome, school, hospital, etc. Solar panels set up on every building on the one side that gets the most sunlight. Water power will also be used from a local stream or river for electricity in houses and buildings around the city. Education Our green methods of transportation, which include large amounts of walking and bicycle paths, as well as our energy use management will draw in younger couples looking to live in a more sustainable city, moving towards the future. There will be many apartment buildings provided for these types of couples or families who are looking to move in. Economic Development Smart City Design
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