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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] we all like to sleep.. 3 2 1 Less stress.Stress and sleepare almost the same.They both can effect health.Sleep can reduce stress,it can also control blood pressure. Sleep can improve your memory skills. While you are asleep you kind of practice your memory kills you learned while you were awake. 5 4 If you´re an athlete you may improve your performance with the right amount of sleep. Try sleeping for about ten hours a day for 7 to 8 weeks. If you sleep a enough amount of time you´ll live longer. Sleep affects the quality of life.Too much of too little sleep means a shorter life. 6 Have a healthy weight. If you want to lose weight; a diet isn´t everything. You also need enough sleep. When you dont sleep enough youll have more hormones that drive appetite. 9 health benefits of sleeping A good night´s sleep can give you a lot of creativity.If you slept well get outyour pen and paper and let the positive energy out! Health Get better grades. A lack of sleep can get you bad grades.If you get enough sleepyour grades will improve. Get sharper and have more attention. A lack of sleep cancause hyperactive.And that means you´lllose your attention. If you sleep enough you won´t. Sleep 7 9 8 Less depressed feelings. Sleeping well meansmore happy feelings.If youre moody,sleep can decrease your anxiety. We all know the horrible sound of the alarm in the morning, we all like to sleep. We all know a bad night of sleep. Does it really affect our life that bad? Yes, it does. Sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes beyond just boosting your mood or fading under-eye circles. Sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more.
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