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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Slavery and education your artboard 1619 1740 1743 On plantations the pursuit of education became a communal effort -- slaves learned from parents, spouses, family members, and fellow slaves and some were even personally instructed by their masters or hired tutors 1775 1783 American revolutionary war 1787 South Carolina enacted another response to the events that occurred at Stono by passing one of the earliest laws prohibiting teaching a slave to read or write 1793 big eventsmain infoextra info Slavery is made illegal in the Northwest Territory. The U.S Constitution states that Congress may not ban the slave trade until 1808. Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin greatly increases the demand for slave labor first african slaves arrive in Virginia 1832 Sarah Harris Fayerweather, an aspiring teacher, is admitted to Prudence Crandall's all-girl school in Canterbury, Connecticut, resulting in the first racially integrated schoolhouse in the United States. Anglican ministers established a school for slaves in South Carolina. For twenty years the school offered in Christian religion and education under the guidance of a slave schoolmaster.
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